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About this site

Thanks for visiting signlangtv.org. It is an independent guide to sign language television broadcasting for the Deaf available on television around the world, launched in July 2013 and relaunched in July 2017. We carefully search the internet, television schedules and announcements, as well as other resources to select, elaborate on and provide documentation for television shows, both created by Deaf people as well as interpreted into various sign languages. We do our best to provide accurate information on crucial aspects of every show, including transmission times and dates, names of Deaf signers and interpreters, as well as sign language and its quality.

About the author

My name is Sławomir Stępski. I got in touch with the Deaf community in Poland in late 2012, after the then newly founded Polish Council for Sign Language turned out not to have a single Deaf member. I offered the Deaf protesters some help in terms of graphic design. Thanks to that, since then I’ve been patiently guided through the Deaf and Hard of Hearing world by awesome experts, both Deaf and hearing. Having been interested in broadcasting and having the proper research skills, I decided to create a sign language TV guide. So started signlangtv.org. 🙂

Our goals

  • to highlight the need to inform and entertain Deaf communities to prevent their social isolation
  • to promote the work of individuals and broadcasters doing their best to inform the Deaf and/or let them speak for themselves
  • to encourage broadcasters to provide natural sign language interpretation for various televised content
  • to encourage broadcasters to employ Deaf people as journalists and editors
  • to encourage broadcasters to explore Deaf issues in both specialized programmes and as parts of general programming
  • to encourage Deaf people from all over the world to seek for information in their own language
  • to encourage Deaf people from all over the world to learn other sign languages for getting information
  • to encourage Hearing people from all over the world to acknowledge the equality of sign languages and spoken languages.


  1. signlangtv.org (we, us, etc…) is a 100% private initiative. It is not invented, created, supervised or endorsed by any broadcaster or media regulatory institution.
  2. All materials in the television show descriptions (especially the pictures and videos) are copyright and belong to their respective owners, mostly broadcasters and producers of a particular show, which are explicitly mentioned.
  3. Other materials not mentioned in (2) are legitimately collected and elaborated using worldwide available resources.
  4. All materials are presented in good will for informative purposes.
  5. We are not responsible for any content outside this website we provide links to, including broadcasters’ websites, video on demand archives or livestreams, neither can we guarantee constant availability of such resources.
  6. Every rights owner who thinks their rights have been violated is advised to contact us via e-mail to reach a solution.

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