Varvara Romashkina (Варвара Ромашкина)

Varvara Romashkina - TV Russian Sign Language interpreter


What They Do

  • 1963 – born hearing in a Deaf family
  • since 1993 – working for the Russian Specialized Academy of Arts (RGSAI) as a sign language interpreter
  • 1995-2001 – sign language interpreter for all kinds of shows on ORT (Russian public TV), in 2001 ORT discontinued sign language services
  • since 2003 – sign language director and spoken language dubbing artist for the RGSAI Theater of the Deaf “Nedoslov”
  • since 2010 – RGSAI Senior Lecturer of Russian Sign Language
  • since 2015 – sign language interpreter for Mir Uvlechenyi, a TV station broadcasting shows about pastimes, 100% interpreted into sign language

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